About Us

Our Mission:

Zeteky, Inc. began with one product, iWatch, a virtual crime watch app for reporting suspicious behaviors and activities. Since it’s inception, we have worked with law enforcement and the U.S. military to develop the world’s most robust system of anonymous crime reporting and the critical routing of sensitive data.

Today, Zeteky Systems has a twofold focus:

Empowering employees and citizens to take an active role in the safety, progress and growth at work and at home.
Providing leaders a powerful tool to increase efficiency and effectiveness, while reducing the impact of the unknown and unexpected.

Zeteky provides leaders with real-time intelligence to make critical decisions in today’s fast-paced world. Be informed with a direct line to every employee, citizen, student or soldier under your watch. 

Our Name:

The Atelopus Zeteki, a.k.a. the Panamanian Golden Frog, is native to the rainforests of Panama. This highly social animal is known for being very alert to its surroundings and its unique ability to communicate with sounds and gestures.

Like the Zeteki frog, we’re focused on hearing, seeing and reacting to what usually goes overlooked.

Dallas Police Department  US Army Materiel Command  Evergreen Park Police Department  Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office  Harris County Sheriff's Office Ranger Energy Services


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